Proposal #58
Tech. Comm. #0x8f79
Runtime Upgrade 1.24.0: DeFi Hub, Weights & Fees

Following the recent Kintsugi upgrades, there are many new changes to introduce to the Interlay network.

DeFi Hub

The Bitcoin DeFi Hub introduces the following pallets:

  • DexGeneral is a Uniswap v2-style AMM
  • DexStable is a Curve v1-style AMM
  • Loans is Compound v2-style lending protocol

Please note that this upgrade does not setup the pools, markets or incentives which will be proposed separately.

Weights & Fees

Many breaking changes were introduced to improve the security of the network and increase usability:

  • Cumulus, Polkadot and Substrate dependencies have been updated to 0.9.40.
  • Bitcoin type parsing was removed, consumers will do this off-chain and submit concrete types. This was necessary for complexity estimation and because we previously identified several bugs in the code responsible for parsing.
  • Storage entries are now bounded to provide the relay chain with accurate proof sizes.
  • Benchmarks now measure the worst-case complexity to limit the possibility of Denial-of-Service (DoS) attacks - the weights have been measured on standard node hardware.
  • The Treasury pallet was removed as it served no useful purpose, users may now use the spend_from_treasury extrinsic to construct spending proposals.
  • New events were introduced in VaultRegistry, DexGeneral and Democracy for downstream usage.
  • Implements new "bring-your-own-fee" architecture which allows consumers to pay for transaction execution in currencies other than INTR, it does this by swapping the input token using our AMM.

For more details, please see the following:

The latest compatible clients release for this version is v1.22.1:

  • Business
  • Call
  • Metadata
  • Timeline2
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