Proposal #49
Tech. Comm. #0x2809

INTR Emissions to support iBTC & INTR on Stellaswap


The runtime upgrade in referendum #45 updated our XCM weight types. This change was not accounted for when the StellaSwap referendum #46 was made. The referendum passed but due to the change in the XCM weight types, #46 cannot be decoded by the chain and thus not executed. No XCM transfer happened.

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The iBTC is the only one decentralized and reliable BTC asset on Polkadot. I see no reason for additional pressure for INTR tokens. People who really want earn money on DOT/iBTC exchanges long-term would make it with or without additional INTR incentives. I have nothing against make it 1-2 weeks, but not 8.

Things become worse with incentivizing INTR/DOT pair.

The only thing we can reach by incentivizing INTR/DOT is to help people sell their INTR rewards from iBTC/DOT pair. Why we should pay money for dumping our tokens guys?!
we have INTR/DOT pair on Interlay ongoing. This should be the only correct place to incetivize INTR/DOT during launch period.

I propose to cancel this one and launch new one instead:

  • only two weeks rewards for DOT/iBTC, 8000 INTR/day
  • no rewards for INTR/DOT at all
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