INTR incentives on DEXes

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You definitely listed some good points. The problem is though that we need liquidity on pretty much every chain to go on with other integrations such as borrowing/lending and for that we need decent liquidity on that chain so we can't be too so cheap with the incentives. This is true at least for the most important pairs, e.g. the ones that will serve as a venue for liquidations.

Where I agree is that we should be more careful in selecting the tokens we want to pair iBTC with. You are probably right that the best tokens to pair with are DOT, native USDT and INTR. However, the views on which token is a good candidate to pair with iBTC varies and there are some people who say they want LDOT/iBTC because they don't want to miss out on the staking rewards, so I think we should not disregard those people but maybe should be more cautious with the incentives for those pairs in the future.

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This is excellent feedback.
As you may have observed, all of the decision-making re. integrations, pools, and incentives have been shifted to the community - so every Interlay stakeholder can participate and share their thoughts about what they think makes the most sense.

re. using treasury for education purposes, please check out the proposal for the innovator program - I think it does exactly that :)