Stellaswap Liquidity Program - Vote passed, XCM msg failed, re-execution downvoted

Dear Interlay community,

We've got a slightly awkward situation in our governance with respect to proposals #46 and #47.


  • Stellaswap made a treasury proposal to help build up the liquidity of iBTC and INTR in their new, more efficient Pulsar AMM (Uniswap v3-style).
  • That proposal passed with 88% "aye" votes and a comparably high turnout.
  • Unfortunately, an XCM bug caused the transfer to fail*
  • The TC committee decided to re-execute and fast-track the proposal, considering it had clearly passed the vote.
  • Fast-track only gives 3h to vote. Parties opposing the original proposal (a minority of the original vote) voted "No" again - but this time the proposal failed.

What now?
It is important to understand why the re-execution of the proposal was blocked.

  • Did the community change its mind with respect to the Stellaswap proposal?
  • Or was there simply insufficient time for everyone to vote on the re-execution?

We have 3 options on how to proceed:

  1. Re-vote on the same proposal with a full 7-day vote.
  2. Re-execute via fast-track (if majority of the community is clearly in favor)
  3. Change the proposal and put to 7-day vote

Either way, we need to come to an agreement.
FYI: the Pular pool was set to launch next week, considering the original proposal had passed.

  • The runtime upgrade in referendum #45 updated the Interlay XCM weight types. This change was not accounted for when the StellaSwap referendum #46 was made. The referendum passed but due to the change in the XCM weight types, #46 cannot be decoded by the chain and thus not executed. No XCM transfer happened.
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Hi, dear Alexei!

Sorry for little bit confusion, but its better to start voting thinkfully lately then never ^^

Concerning iBTC/DOT pair i think that its enough strong pair that people who really want to earn money on DOT/iBTC exchanges long-term would make pair work with or without additional INTR incentives.

However i have nothing against make couple of weeks of incentivizing it in marketing purposes, but not 8 weeks.

And as i wrote in comments i think that there is no sense to incentivize INTR/DOT pair somewhere except Interlay native frontend lately.

The only thing we can reach by incentivizing INTR/DOT is to help people sell their INTR rewards from iBTC/DOT pair. Why we should pay money for dumping our tokens guys?! That also in some sense contradicts the goal of DOT/iBTC incentives.

My proposal:

  • two weeks rewards for DOT/iBTC, 8000 INTR/day
  • no rewards for INTR/DOT at all

In this case people get some INTR, and then come to our native frontend and start look for use cases instead of immidiately dump them.

They start hodling them, or stake, or get know that we have own DEX ongoing and save them to use in INTR/DOT pair on our own DEX lately.

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