1.19 Runtime Upgrade for Vaults Scheduled For Wed the 19th of October

Hello Interlay Community,

Last week on the 13th of October at 19:45 we enacted the 1.19 runtime upgrade on Kintsugi.
We are aiming to perform a similar upgrade to Interlay.
Unless we discover any issues or bugs on Kintsugi following the upgrade (none so far), a proposal will be submitted to perform the 1.19 upgrade for Interlay on Wednesday this week.

IMPORTANT! - This proposal will be submitted on Wednesday the 19th of October and upgraded to a 4h fast-track referendum. The 1.19 upgrade on Interlay will then be enacted on Thursday the 20th of October in the morning, est. 8-10 a.m. UTC timezone.
More information and details about the exact time of enactment will be provided on Wednesday.

Please find below the details regarding the changes contained in 1.19 as well as the link to the Kintsugi referendum:

  • Vaults can now self-redeem (burn kBTC for unlocking collateral) without sending BTC
  • Removed the refund protocol since theft reporting was already eliminated
  • Issue requests can now be executed after expiry if the Vault has sufficient collateral
  • Allows issue requests to be cancelled prematurely by the user (may slash griefing collateral)
  • Collators can now lock vKINT to register as an authority
  • Adds generic registry to store client release info (for auto-updater)
  • Includes all relevant changes to support polkadot-v0.9.26

Kintsugi referendum: https://kintsugi.subsquare.io/democracy/referendum/64

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