Proposal #21
Referendum #21
Allocate the usage of treasury funds towards the newly launched ‘Innovator Programme’

We want to reserve [INTR] tokens from the treasury to be used for paying contributors from the Interlay Innovator program as well as rewarding those who’ve previously made significant contributions to the community before the launch of the programme.

Please be aware
This initial proposal does not make any payments but only a way to approve the allocation of funds for the Innovator programme. All future payment requests will be submitted by community members as follow-up governance proposals.

Over the last month we’ve had the opportunity to trial & test the newly launched Innovator programme, onboarding several key members of the community to help ‘stress test’ the platform and suggest improvements before the main launch.

The Innovator programme is a way for community members to get involved and dive deeper into Interlay than ever before. A way to work alongside your fellow peers, completing paid bounties and tasks, ranging from marketing & community based tasks to even Dev grants via GitHub integration. If you’re unaware of the Innovator programme & what it entails, then please see the link here to familiarise yourself:

We’re now ready for the main launch, the first step forward is to propose payment of our current trial testers as well as future members of the programme.

This initial proposal will suggest that we allocate INTR for 3 months worth of payments regarding the Innovator programme as well as payment to those currently trial-testing the programme for us.

For the full fund breakdown & details, please see the attached link:

Note: Payment will be made in locked [Unvested] INTR [Subjected to vesting of 52 Weeks = 1 year]
Note: [This budget also includes payment for previous work done by key & integral members of the community who’ve helped found the Interlay & Kintsugi community].

This initial proposal will not transfer any funds or make any payments, however this is a general ‘one-off’ to ensure that support from the community is there and agree with allocating some budget and payment for those taking part in the Innovator programme now & in the future.

Payment for the Innovator programme will occur once per month. We will open up a discussion post with all the details for that months payment, this will include a link to a monthly report which tallies the list of everyone whos’ earned their locked [Unvested] INTR.

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