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Using Treasury Funds to Incentivize Content Production and Distribution Through Wagmedia

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good initiative, Wagmedia is a good platform for it. Voted aye 👍


May we know more about the design of how things go on. So the Wagmedia discord server is the place where content creators moving around, share the content and get other's emoji to get rewards? Who has the power to put emoji? How much emoji is enogh to get rewards? Who has the power to setup the exact reward amount for each unit of content? Is it just content making, or some distrinution also required?

Too small info now to vote aye for me.



great questions, i can help with that - Any dotsama project can create content bounties in the server and appoint a director who is in charge of the bounty curation & rewards distribution.

In this case, it will be someone from the interlay team who will create relevant bounties that will serve to incentivize the creation of comprehensive, useful, and inspiring Interlay related content in furtherance of the overall marketing plan for the DeFi Hub Launch & so forth.

There shall be a separate Interlay channel in the server where the bounty will be active. The director can add certain qualifying conditions for being eligible for rewards such as engagement thresholds, quality & delivery style and reward only those who show effort & unique perspective in their content to ensure efficient utilization of funds. These may include twitter threads, YT videos, or any blogs in that regard. Those with good submissions can be rewarded well for their efforts while those with mediocre or subpar will either be rewarded very sparsely or are not rewarded at all until they improve their submission as per the director feedback.

There's also an inbuilt writers room in wagmedia that helps creators improve & fine tune their submissions, passing one's content through writers rooms before posting for rewards can also be one of the qualifying conditions for being eligible for rewards.

The emojis can range from 10$ worth of INTR to 100$ worth of INTR or any other denomination as per the director's plans. For eg. The director can curate a competition where Top 5 submissions which adhere to the qualifying conditions, get 100-200$ worth of tokens while the rest notable contributions get 10$-20$ for their submissions in order to incentivize quality posts. Only the director of the concerned project has the authority/option to reward such emojis and no one else. It can be any amount as per the director's budget for that particular bounty.

Wrt your last query - anyone with a creator role in the server can participate in these bounties. To get the creator role, you need to have a proven record of creating good content & having the requisite skills to be able to create informative content.

You can get a sense of the mechanism of how it works by visiting other project channels like bifrost, acala, tinkernet etc which are already live in the server :)


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